Max Gas Fastening System


  • Only 3.6kg (GS738CST)
  • Powerful 105J
  • Ultra-Light Trigger
  • Available in 20 pins short magazine and 40 pins long magazine


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  • Easy to adjust depth control; simply ratchet dial allows depth adjustment
  • Easy to position in the corner with contact nose
  • Easy jam clearance
  • Load only 1.2kg swing trigger; makes firing effortless when reaching out or shooting overhead
  • One step easy pin loading
  • Stainless steel mesh filters; reduce fine dust intake and exhaust up to 2xform filters
  • Easy to load fuel cell; push button door fuel cell can be inserted nose down, door closed and ready to use
  • Soft moulded grip; for comfortable ergonomic design
  • LED low battery indicator
  • Reversible belt loop hook
  • One click lever; track magazine removal is simple

  • Fastening saddle band to concrete floors
  • Fastening wooden track to floors
  • Fastening track to ceilings
  • Fastening steel bulk to floors
  • Fastening drywall track to concrete surface
  • Lath attachment

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