Company Profile

Your Preferred Construction Fastening Solutions Provider

Fasten Enterprises Pte Ltd is a supplier of high-quality, reliable fastening systems, along with other construction and engineering products and services across different industries in Singapore and other South East Asian countries.

Established in 1977
40+ years of
150 employees
sales networks in 10+ sea locations

Well-reputed for providing quality self-drilling screws for more than 40 years, the company focuses on total quality management in achieving business excellence.

Through Fasten Enterprises’ collaborative and collective efforts with business partners and clients, we are now one of the top industry players in the South East Asian region.

We provide a diverse range of products and services designed to enhance productivity, while ensuring that we meet the highest industry safety standards and achieve optimal efficiency at the same time.

Looking ahead, we will continue to adapt to market changes rapidly and strive continuously to provide innovative products which meet the everchanging needs of our valued clients.