Fasten Enterprises – Singapore’s Leading Shear Stud Expert

The technology behind of Stud Welding is based on the Shear Stud and the Stud Welding Equipment.

At Fasten Enterprises, we provide the MASON Shear Stud which is a BC1:2012 Class 1 Material with FPC Certification and Stud Welding Equipment from NELSON Stud Welding (USA).
With over 20 years’ experience in stud welding operations, FASTEN is undoubtedly the Singapore’s leading Shear Stud expert, supplying more than 3 million studs per year
across different projects and  applications.

With Mason Shear Stud and NELSON Stud Welding Equipment we can assure our customers a good weld every stud.

Our Shear Stud welded onto a base-plate undergoing 3rd-Party Tests.