NAKA Architectural Products

NAKA started as Naka-Hiromitsu-Shoten in Sapporo in 1932, with a factory that developed our original brand while selling general metal goods. The company was incorporated in 1959 and launched a research division two years later that would become the current technical research facility. We have worked on the development and improvement of our products throughout our history.


It has been more than half a century since NAKA CORPORATION started producing handrails. The handrails that we originally produced were made of iron or brass, and became cold in winter and hot in summer. We thus developed handrails covered in resin in an effort to create products that were comfortable to use. Handrails that protect people from the risk of falling are now mandated in public facilities and commercial buildings larger than a certain size.


We aim to be the de facto standard and are committed to developing and improving our products.


We are striving to produce quality products using solid technologies with the concept of comfort and reliability, so that our products are used as safety tools by our end users.


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