NAKA Luminous Stair Nosing – Hi-Step SLIM CK

Hi-Step SLIM CK is a new developed soft resin with luminescent materials added to provide long lasting luminescence.

Hi-Step SLIM CK significantly increases visual capability in the dark.

It enhances traditional staircase’s performance that enables a safe and smooth escape.

In the 911 event, the terror attack in the United States in 2001, all the stairway lights in the World Trade Center went out of control before collapsed. However many people were able to escape from the building by following the staircase.

How could they escape in the dark?

It was because the staircase were painted by luminescent materials.

So as in Japan, “luminescent materials” is getting more important to take into consideration under emergency or contingency planning.



Hi-Step SLIM CK bands luminescent into tile grooves for producing luminescence by storing light.

The luminescent can obtain energy indoors by irradiation of a fluorescent light bulb (200lx) for 20 minutes.

Its level or more even in dim places of around 30x can meet with JIS standard.


Visibility Data

   *1  *2
Afterglow luminance period 60 minutes later 5 hrs. ore more
Afterglow luminance 17~21mcd/m² 3mcd/m²


*1 Cut off light for 24 hrs. then irradiate with 200lx of light for 20 minutes. The luminance of the luminance band after 60 minutes have passed.


*2 The time required to reach the luminance shown in the table after irradiating with light under the above conditions. In our company’s judgement, the minimum luminance required for conducting a safe escape is 3mcd/m².


Regarding Luminance and Brightness Level

Luminance mcd/m² Sensation of Brightness in the Dark
5 or above Extremely bright, objects are clearly discernibled.
3 Outlines of objects are discernible.
2 Dim and blurred, objects can be roughly discerned.
1 or below Objects are barely discernible.

On the JIS Standard for Luminous Safety Signboards

The JIS Standard (JIS Z9107 Afterglow Luminance on Luminous Safety Signboards), stipulates that afterglow luminance should be 7mcd/m² after 60 minutes.

With Hi-Step SLIM CK, the performance level is reported to be more than double that of the above standard.


Metal Base: [Stainless Steel] SUS304 Hairline finish

[Aluminium] Extruded Aluminium A6063S-T5 Anodised finish

[Brass] Extruded Crass C3604BE Buff finish

Vinyl Tiles: Extruded PVC contain Non Elastic Material

Luminance Band: Luminance soft PVC