NAKA Wall and Column Protection Material – Corner Guard

Corner guard is a protective material attached to sharp-edge corners of walls and pillars in parking lots, plants, and warehouses.

They protect cars and people from the impact of accidental collisions in places with frequent vehicle and cart traffic.

The hollow structure has excellent durability.

  • NPC-3535V
  • NPC-6565V
  • NPC-9090V

* End Cap is option. Attachment only on the top is recommended if the length is short.



  • Lemon Yellow
  • Grey
  • Ivory White
  • Black
  • Brown



Model No. Length Anchor※
Nessesary number Installation
NPC-3535V 1,000mm 6 pcs M4 @420×2 line
2,000mm 10 pcs @460×2 line
NPC-6565V 1,000mm 6 pcs M5 @420×2 line
2,000mm 10 pcs @460×2 line
NPC-9090V 1,000mm 6 pcs @420×2 line
2,000mm 10 pcs @460×2 line

* Anchor is option


Main Body: Soft Resin

Installation and Foundation Material: Aluminium A6063S-T5