1st Neutral N100 Silicone

1st NEUTRAL N-100 A universal, superior one-component, neutral system silicone sealant that cures to form a high performance elastic silicone rubber seal.

Highly recommended for sensitive surfaces or castings.


  • Very easy application

  • Permanent colours, UV-resistant.

  • Stays permanently elastic after curing.

  • Almost no smell.

  • Non staining to aluminium, stainless steel and most metals.

Application areas:

  • superior adhesion and durability in glazing.

  • Weather sealing.

  • Suitable for sealing metal lap joints in roofing and guttering applications.

  • Bonds well to form a strong weatherproof seal on building.

  • Excellent resistance to weathering and UV.

  • Suitable for kitchen and air-con duct.

  • Exhaust, kitchen and car park area.

Brand: 1st Neutral N100