Selleys Liquid Nail Heavy Duty 350G

Selleys Liquid Nails Heavy Duty is an advanced high performance construction adhesive which means mechanical fasteners can be removed after 8 hours*.

The non slump formulation also offers extreme strength and durability, even when bonding two non-porous materials.

It can be used on most building substrates.



  • 2 times more strength than Liquid Nails(R) Original in less than half the time
  • Fast speed of cure means mechanical fasteners can be removed after 8 hours on porous surfaces, compared to 24 hours for Liquid Nails(R) Original
  • No drip, slump or stringing, even when applying a bead to overhead surfaces
  • Excellent resistance to water and weather makes it suitable for interior and exterior applications
  • Strong bond that is flexible enough to respond to building movement
  • Easy to extrude from the cartridge at low winter temperatures