EXPANTAY Expansion Joint


“Reliable finish,” “significant improvement in working efficiency,” and “superior cost performance”

The 5-stage EXPANTAY, an ideal combination of the characteristics of closed-cell polypropylene foam, butyl rubber, synthetic rubber (EPDM), stainless steel, glass fiber, and polyvinyl chloride, that surpasses conventional elastite joint fillers. This construction method now attracts attention as a method that is bringing a whole new perspective to the building industry.
There is a wide variety of needs for modern building components. Nevertheless, beautiful, functional, and labor-saving construction methods are a common thread among those needs. Rooftops are no exception. A hard look is also being given to joint fillers in their waterproof layer. The emergence of preformed expansion joint fillers that perfectly captures the needs of the times; beautiful finishes, outstanding physical functions, and labor-saving construction methods, which could not be satisfied by conventional products, has been much anticipated and created a sensation in the building industry.

///Points of EXPANTAY///

  • 1. Shorterned work periods by labor saving and pollution-free construction methods with safety improved!
  • 2. Commercialized by combining the advantages of five materials!
  • 3. Excellent durability, weather resistance, heat resistance, waterproofing performance, and chemical resistance!
  • 4. Beautiful finish with flexible follow-up
  • 5. Wide variation for straight lines, corners, sizes, etc.
  • 6. Stable quality secured by carefully selected materials