First class that satisfies all requirements.


The TE type, consisting of five stages offers various roles and exerts extraordinary power because of its composite effects.


Therefore, it can be said to be a masterpiece that successfully satisfies all requirements for expansion joint fillers, including reversibility and waterproofing performance.


The performance of the product has advanced even further than expected by covering plastic that excels in wear resistance and insulation and heat resistance with EPDM rubber that excels in weather resistance.

Item No.: TE

Brand: Expantay

Use: Expansion Joint

Adhesive layer type


Principal use

General buildings / Parking lots / Cold and tropical regions / Places where sealability is required (vehicles allowed)


Major performance

Wear resistance / Insulation / Heat resistance / Vehicles allowed / Excellent durability


Straight-line joints (one per 1.5m) / Brackets (three per 1.5m)
*Bracket is not included with the TE40 type.
Standards (Unit: mm)
Product name Cap width Main body width Height Length
TE type 20 20 16 40~500 1,500
TE type 25 25 20
TE type 30 30 25
TE type 40 40 33


TE30 and TE40 made to order.

  • Approved by the Preformed Expansion Joint Filler Manufacturers Association
  • Certified by the Public Buildings Association
  • Standardized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism