Working efficiency can be remarkably improved.


Since the TW type is assembly-finished, work periods can be shortened and working efficiency can be remarkably improved compared with the conventional field assembly type.


Since it is lightweight, its handling is smooth, and also the finish maintains a linear beauty. The polyethylene main body will never melt under heat.

Item No.: TW type


Sealing type


Principal use

Floors and other places where high waterproofing performance is required(vehicles allowed)

Major performance

Wear resistance / Vehicles allowed (at slow speeds) / Excellent durability



Straight-line joints / Brackets
Standards (Unit: mm)
Product name Cap width Cap depth 1 Cap depth 2 Main body width Height Length
TW type 10 10 15 5 8 40~500 1,500
TW type 20 20 23 17 10
TW type 25 25 24 17 16
TW type 30 30 23 17 20

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