Joint filler excellent in preventing cracking and breaking up of concrete slabs.


The curved portion on the side of the cap functions to prevent cracking and breaking up of concrete slabs and continuously maintain a construction-completed finish.


Also, the combination of glass fibers improves shape stability, reduces shrinkage and warpage, and increases impact resistance.


The cap can be cut with a cutter and increases workability. This preformed expansion joint filler allows for workability and economical efficiency with consideration given to concrete slabs.

Item No.: TZ

Brand: Expantay

Anchor type

Principal use

General buildings / Floors (concrete slabs) / Parking lots (at slow speeds)
Major performance

Major performance

Shape stability / Impact resistance / Vehicles allowed (at slow speeds) / Excellent durability


Straight-line joints (one per 1.5m) / Brackets (three per 1.5m)
Standards (Unit: mm)
Product name Cap width Main body width Height Length
TZ type 25 25 20 30~500 1,500


  • Certified by the Public Buildings Association
  • Standardized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism(W25)