Blower Duct Hose | Diameter : 8″, 10″, 12″, 16″, 20″, 24″ | Length : 5m or 10m

1. Tear acid,corrosion resistance,waterproof,fire retardant,heat-resisting,cold tolerance.

2. Flexibility,any bending,free connection,light weight;easy to carry.

3. Environmental non-toxic,no smell,no dust,no fiber.

4. Lateral seamless duct,no leakage,wear-resistant,wind resistance,compressive strength..

5. Diameter 8″-24″(200mm-600mm),Standard length 5m or 10m (requirement accept upon further request).

6. Temperature:-30ºC to+ 120ºC

7. The spacing and thickness of spiral steel rings are proportional to the diameter of air duct (about 15cm between conventional 300).

8. The pipe body has a type D hanger at a distance of about 1.6m for hanging and fixing the air duct.

9. The head is equipped with expanded horn with PP rope, which can be used to extend the connection between the sleeve fan or the air duct (if long-term connection is needed, the zipper connection can be customized).