Cable Protector 5 Channels 900 X 500 X 50mm #9033

Cable ramps are designed to allow everyone to safely cross over cables, cords and hoses. The cable protectors provide gradual
slope and slip resistant surface to ensure pedestrians and vehicles can all cross safely. Minimize tripping hazards and protect
costly cables around the warehouse, job site, studio, or garage with one of our affordable cable management systems.
For the lowest prices and best selection of high-weight capacity cable protectors and floor cord covers for construction,
commercial, and industrial applications.

  • Provide safe passage for pedestrians and vehicles
  • Large channels to suit a variety of cable and hose sizes
  • Ideal for industrial and exhibition applications
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • With non-slip surface
  • Easy to interlock
  • Highly visible colour
  • Non-conductive construction
  • Hinged lid for easy access to cables
  • Recessed hand grip