MASON MCN-830 Fuel Cell Nailer

Item No.: MCN-830

Brand: MASON

Type: Gas Actuated Tool

Type of fixing: Direct Fastening to Steel/ Timber

User Friendly

No licensings or special trainings are required.


Clean Fuel Cell

Clean Propane – Liquified gas keeps tool cleaner


Durability & Cost Saving

Less maintenance required; precision guidance system reduce pins jamming, resulting in lesser


Power & Speed

Piston reciprocating by internal combustion engine; up to 30 pins per loading; working speed 5 times faster than any other fastening systems.


Design for comfort

Low recoil; Reduced operator’s fatigue


Cordless power source

3000 shots/ charge



Auto lock-out 2 pins feature for operator safety and preventing damage to tool.



3.4 Kg (including battery)



360mm (L) x 378mm (H) x 111mm (W)


Loading Capacity

32 nails (10 x 3 strips) (2 nails remain in the magazine)


Battery Capacity

6V DC, 1.5 Ah


Charging Time

2 hours at maximum


Power Source

AC110~240V/ 50~60Hz/ 0.35A