MASON Type 17 Self Drilling Screws

Whether you are attaching timber to timber, or metal to timber, you need access to fasteners that hold tight through all conditions and save you build time via easy installation, so you can get to the next job fast.


And there are many different types of screws in what most would call the ‘wood screws’ category. But even under this umbrella, there are many different screw types that accommodate all types of variables such as timber type, metal thickness or screw placement (in the middle or near the edge). For sheet metal and timber, you can’t go past type 17 screws.


Put the drill bits away. These screws for timber-to-timber or metal-to-timber applications are self-tapping, so no pre-drilling of holes is required. To use, simply use a power drill with a compatible driver bit to push straight through the timber or sheet metal. The sharp gimlet point will pierce the surface while the milled slot will cut its own pilot hole. These screws are also thread cutting; the screw’s thread will enter its self-made pilot hole and pull itself in.


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