PIAS Fully Stainless 410 – Pan Head

Pias 410TM screws series of screws combines fair corrosion resistance with economy and it is recommended for use where there is a requirement for stainless steel fixing but it is not entirely exposed to the open environment. Such applications include façade fixing to steel structure where the façade material is stainless steel or aluminium.


What makes the Pias 410TM series of stainless steel screws unique is the fact that the whole screw is formed entirely from SUS 410 material and it is case-hardened. This enables the screw to drill itself and tap its own threads.


Unique Alloy Composition

The Pias 410TM series belongs to the family of Matensitic Stainless Steel so while the Pias 410TM screw is stainless steel, it will still corrode if it is exposed to open weathering. This is because this particular grade of stainless contains more carbon and less chromium hence it is harder than other “common” grades of stainless steel (like SUS304/A2 or SUS316/A4) although it is not as corrosion resistant as compared to them.


It is possible to use the Pias 410TM series of screws on the exterior of buildings when the fastening application is concealed or not exposed directly to weathering and atmosphere. But one of the trademark features of the Pias 410TM series is that it is able to drill thru stainless steel base material and do the fastening application in 1 process. This ability is derived from the alloy mix of the screw and also from the engineering of the drill point which gives both the specifier and installer greater flexibility when it comes to choosing materials and the actual installation itself.


The Pias 410TM series is a professional series of self-drilling screw. Specifications of this screw depend on many other factors like base material, top material, location of installation, locality of the building etc. Hence it is vital that specifications are made with all these factors in mind. For assistance, please feel free to contact us or our authorized resellers for specification aid or consultation.


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