PIAS Self Drilling Screws – Pan Head

PiasTM Carbon Steel Self-drilling Fasteners is a range of very special fasteners developed over time and experience gained worldwide. Its range is not only comprehensive but it is also very extensive. With a vast array of different head types and drill-points, you can be sure there is a PiasTM Screw for every job and application.




The excellence that every PiasTM Screw exhibit is rooted in the way each and every screw is manufactured. Japanese innovation, coupled with strict quality control and a stringent raw material selection/inspection process makes the PiasTM Screw a truly world class fastener.

Manufacturing and Material Composition

The PiasTM Screws are made from the SWCH18A-JIS G 3539 or AISI 1018 grade of carbon steel, At the factory, wastage is reduced to a minimum and all waste steel from the manufacturing process are recycled. Tool and die are strictly replaced immediately when their specified cycles are up to ensure every screw manufactured is precise, perfect and will be able to perform when it is used, wherever it is in the world.

Case Hardening

After production, PiasTM Screws are annealed and then case hardened. The general term of Heat Treatment refers to all these processes that the screw goes thru. Annealing is very important as it relieves the internal stresses caused by the processes like heading and forming during production. The screws are then heat treated to have a hardened exterior which will enable it to drill and tap into steel. This is a delicate process as too soft a case will result in a self-drilling screw which cannot drill. Too hard and the whole screw becomes brittle, making it very easy to snap during and after installation.

Corrosion Resistance

All PiasTM Screws come with the ceramic coating known as Ruspert coating. This proprietary coating not only protects the screw from corrosion, it also lubricates, to a certain degree, the screw during installation. The Ruspert coating consists of 3 main layers and is extremely tough both physically and chemically.

Whilst it is safe to assume that the Ruspert Coating will be sufficient in most instances to be resistant to corrosion, specific site conditions and material combinations must be examined as well to prevent either corrosion of the screw or even other members of the structure. Please contact our Technical Team for consultation and evaluation on suitability and usability on our PiasTM range of professional products. We will be most happy to assist you.


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