PIASTA Bi-Metal Stainless Steel A2 Self Drilling Screws – Hex Head

PiastaTM screws are uniquely manufactured to provide upstanding corrosive resistance as well as improve productivity on construction sites. It consists of Carbon Steel Drill point and Stainless Steel body. The two materials are fused together through special patented technique to produce this Bi-metal screw.


Bi-Metal is the technique of combining 2 different types of metal, in this case, Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel, by fusion and achieving a stainless steel screw that is able to drill into steel.


Traditional methods of installing a Stainless Steel screw would require a hole to be pre-drilled and then setting the Stainless Steel screw to fasten to the base material. The requirement of a pre-drilled hole is because Austenitic Stainless Steel (like SUS304, SUS305, SUS316, SUS318) are fundamentally soft by nature and are unable to cut into any types of metal. They cannot be harden by heat treatment nor by cryogenics without compromising their corrosion resistance.