NELSON N550c Arc Charger

Breakthrough Charger design provides powerful 550A Arc Welder from a standard 230V wall outlet! 


The N550c Arc Charger™ is the first of a revolutionary new class of stud welding power sources developed around NELSON’s patent pending Arc Charger™ platform. The N550c Arc Charger™ has the capacity to weld the full range of drawn arc studs, up to 3/8″ pitch (M8) diameter, with an ultra-smooth high-speed switching welding arc, while requiring power from just a standard household 120V wall outlet! This breakthrough combination enables high-strength drawn arc stud welding in just about any location, without the need for high-voltage, industrial 3-phase power, or a large generator!

Item No.: N550c


Use: Steel Structure Construction

Type of fixing: Semi-automatic Stud Welding


Why the Arc Charger?


Input Charger System

Input energy is efficiently drawn from a standard 120V wall outlet, and stored in a durable, high-capacity, electrical storage system. The user can even adjust the rate of this energy draw, allowing an Arc Charger™ to share a single wall outlet with other devices.


High Performance Drawn Arc Welder

Stored energy is precisely delivered to the weld by an advanced digitally-controlled, switch-mode welding power supply. This provides consistent, smooth arc control for drawn arc, gas arc, and short cycle processes with all weldable metals.


Advanced Microprocessor Control 

The Arc Charger’s 32-bit microprocessor monitors both charging current input from the wall, it’s smooth welding arc, and provides a long list of helpful setup and diagnostic features. 


Stud Expert™

Makes weld setup quick and easy. Just input your stud diameter and metal, and Stud Expert automatically selects the right settings for you.


Multi-Function User Key Pad / Display

The Arc Charger’s versatile key pad makes setup easy, with preset buttons provided to save favorite settings. The alphanumeric display shows settings, actual weld results, as well as diagnostic error codes to help with troubleshooting.



At just 86 pounds, this machine is easy to move around. Add the optional wheel kit and it gets even easier! 


Compatible with Existing NELSON Equipment 

The Arc Charger™ is compatible with guns, cables and other accessories from NELSON.



No competing 550A drawn arc stud welder can run on 120V input power. Lower input voltage means less risk of electric shock or arc flash injury when connecting, handling, or working near the input power cord.


Low Cost Input Power 

No need to add costly new building wiring to your facility. Also, no need to hire an electrician to connect, disconnect, or move input power wiring to an Arc Charger™.


Assembly Quality

Built in the U.S.A., to the demanding standards of ISO9001.

  • 120V Input Voltage
  • 3A to 15A Input Current, User Adjustable
  • 60Hz Input Line Frequency
  • Welds 6 – 3/8″ pitch studs – per minute
  • Welds 15  – 3/16″ studs – per minute
  • 3/8″ Maximum diameter for Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium Studs
  • 9 ft (2.75 m) Power Cord
  • Weighs 86 lbs (39 kg) 
  • Standard 120VAC, 3-Prong, Grounded Input Power Connection
  • 25W Maximum Idle Power
  • Touch Pad Display with Graphical Diagnostics