Nelson N1500i – Inverter Stud Welder

Representing the henceforth third generation of Nelson inverter technology Nelweld® N1500iis the new, up-to-date and reliable ambassador of advanced stud welding technology. The ingenious merger of little weight and compact design with a high output power of 1500 amps, continuously adjustable from 50 – 1500 ampere. This provides the opportunity to weld process secured studs with a full-size diameter from 3 – 16mm with drawn arc and from 4 – 12mm in short cycle mode. Due to the integrated shield gas module this additional option is now a standard device in each unit. Under shield gas studs of a full-size diameter from 3 – 12mm can be welded.

Item No.: N1500i

Brand: Nelson

Use: Steel Structure Construction

Type: Inverter Stud Welder

Type of fixing: Semi-automatic Stud Welding