Nelson N800i Inverter Stud Welder


– Stud diamerter 2mm – 12mm

– Output Ampere Up to 800 amps  
– 60000Hz Inverter power supply provides great reliability & mobility  
– DSP control, User friendly interface      
– Diagnostic & Calibration Kit      
– Process monitoring Kit, Nelware.       
– Capable of Shield Gas welding and auto feeding

– Light weight 40lb (18kg)

Item No.: N800i

Brand: Nelson

Use: Steel Structure Construction

Type: Inverter

Type of fixing: Semi-automatic Stud Welding


This new, dependable, light-weight and compact stud welder is not light in power and precision. It can deliver up to 800 amps for 1/2″ (12mm) full base diameter stud welding. The friendly user interface has 10 preset buttons, bright alpha-numeric displays, graphic gun and weld quality indicator. Its simplicity reduces set-up time, operator training and error. Precision control at 60,000 Hz frequency ensures the most stable arc, accurate heat input and highest quality welding process.

– Welding Processes: Drawn Arc, Gas Arc, Short-Cycle, Super-Short-Cycle

– Weldable Material: Steel, stainless steel, aluminium, heat-resistant steel, Ni-based superalloy, advanced high strength steel

– Shipbuilding, industrial, automotive repair and production

– Insulation pins and threaded studs