NELSON NCD+ 1000 & 1600

Efficient switch-mode power technology and precision digital technology.

Item No.: NCD+ 1000 & 1600


Type of fixing: Capacity Discharge


Half the weight of a conventional CD welding power source.


Consistency and Reliability.

Weld strength consistently exceeds that of the stud or parent metal.


Assembly Quality.

No back side marking, burn through, or dimpling. A vibration/leak-proof connection.


Power Convenience.

Operates on a standard wall outlet power input (120V or 230V).



Typical weld cycle is milliseconds. Auto feed systems are available for mass production.


Dissimilar Metals.

Mild steel stud can be welded to stainless, brass or copper.


Electricity Savings.

Switch-mode power topology consumes 40% less power for reduced carbon footprint.


TFT Display.

Friendly and full color graphical user interface for operations and maintenance.


Stud Expert.

Weld voltage, pressure and gap database for various materials, thread sizes and gun types.


Circuit Breaker.

Over current protection without the inconvenience of replacing a fuse.


Safety First.

Galvanic isolation, fail-safe, hi-pot routine test, surge protection, EN14121.


Sliding Legs.

Ease of adjusting foot to accommodate different stud length, pressure and plunge.


Polarity Change.

Ease of changing between straight and reverse polarity.


Stepless Voltage Adjustment.

Precision voltage setting, reduce without total discharge.


Chuck Saver.

Prevents chuck damage due to double trigger and trigger interlock on stud-ground contact.


RoHS Compliant.

Eliminates lead and 5 other hazardous substances to protect the environment.


Outdoor IP Rating.

Rated IP23 for outdoor construction and shipbuilding.

  • Thin sheet metal fabrication with minimal heat, distortion, backside marking & weld flash interference.
  • Insulation pins in shipbuilding and construction.
  • Materials with high thermal conductivity such as copper and aluminium alloys.