Nelson NCD+ 1000 & 1600

Efficient switch-mode power technology and precision digital technology

Item No.: NCD+ 1000 & 1600

Brand: Nelson

Type of fixing: Capacity Discharge

NCD+ 1000 / 1600 features:

– Ultra-Portable. Half the weight of a conventional CD welding power source.

– Consistency and Reliability. Weld strength consistently exceeds that of the stud or parent metal.

– Assembly Quality. No back side marking, burn through, or dimpling. A vibration/leak-proof connection.

– Power Convenience. Operates on a standard wall outlet power input (120V or 230V).

– Speed. Typical weld cycle is milliseconds. Auto feed systems are available for mass production.

– Dissimilar Metals. Mild steel stud can be welded to stainless, brass or copper.

– Electricity Savings. Switch-mode power topology consumes 40% less power for reduced carbon footprint.

– TFT Display. Friendly and full color graphical user interface for operations and maintenance.

– Stud Expert. Weld voltage, pressure and gap database for various materials, thread sizes and gun types.

– Circuit Breaker. Over current protection without the inconvenience of replacing a fuse.

– Safety First. Galvanic isolation, fail-safe, hi-pot routine test, surge protection, EN14121.

– Sliding Legs. Ease of adjusting foot to accommodate different stud length, pressure and plunge.

– Polarity Change. Ease of changing between straight and reverse polarity.

– Stepless Voltage Adjustment. Precision voltage setting, reduce without total discharge.

– Chuck Saver. Prevents chuck damage due to double trigger and trigger interlock on stud-ground contact.

– RoHS Compliant. Eliminates lead and 5 other hazardous substances to protect the environment.

– Outdoor IP Rating. Rated IP23 for outdoor construction and shipbuilding.

– Thin sheet metal fabrication with minimal heat, distortion, backside marking & weld flash interference.

– Insulation pins in shipbuilding and construction.

– Materials with high thermal conductivity such as copper and aluminium alloys.