MASON Shear Stud

MASON headed shear connectors deliver code specified shear strength values as used in composite construction, securing concrete to steel structural components. Currently, it is one of the best shear stud in its price range available in the industry. Our claims are not biased by self-judgment but rather on the vigorous and stringent in-house test conducted and test results from various 3rd party accredited test labs who have tested the MASON Shear Stud.

We implore you to try out the MASON Shear Studs and assure you that you would be awestruck with the performance of the welding results. Our Technical Department would get in touch with you to share more details about our product and its key features.

Item No.: MSS

Brand: MASON

Use: Structural Steel Construction

Type: Shear Connector

Type of fixing: Stud Welding

MASON shear connectors meet requirements of the following codes:

  • BS EN ISO 13918 Welding — Studs and ceramic ferrules for arc stud welding
  • BS 5400 Steel, concrete and composite bridges
  • BS 5950 Structural use of steelwork in building
  • AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code –Steel

Shear connectors are typically used in composite steel construction for holding concrete slabs to steel members to resist shear forces and increase shear loading capacity in steel buildings, bridges, columns caissons, containment liners, etc. They also act as embedment anchors on miscellaneous embedded plates, frames, angles, strip plates, attachments and connections.