NELSON Metric MD Fully Threaded Studs

Nelson MD studs are recommended for fastening applications where threads are needed for the full fastener length. MD studs are available in thread diameters of M6 through M24.
Nelson fully threaded studs have a short length of pitch diameter weld base. Most of this length is melted off during the stud welding process so that usable thread extends down to the top of the weld flash on installed studs. For similar function metric studs, see MP Partially Threaded studs and MR Reduced Base Threaded studs. In the imperial line of Nelson studs, see CFP Small Diameter Threaded studs, CFL Fully Threaded studs, HBA Aluminum Full Base Diameter Threaded studs, HBL Full Base Diameter Threaded studs, Banding Cable Hangers, CrimpLok™ Cable Hangers, and Watertight nuts.



Type: Steel Fastening

Type of fixing: Stud Welding