Material: CL 5.8, CL 8.8, CL 10.9, AISI 4140, AISI 4340, A2-SS304, A4-SS316

Standard: DIN, GB

Finishing: Black Oxide, HDG, Galvanized Blue Zinc, Plain

Bolt Diameter (D): M6 to M30


1. To order, please provide detailed shopdrawing with clear indication of material grade, finishing, diameter, total length, thread area and bending length. 

For example, if a L-Bolt is required with D = M20, L = 300mm, C = 100mm, thread length T = 100mm, it should be specified as a M20 x 400mm x 100mm x 100mm L-Bolt.

2. The threaded length (T) is the distance from the extreme end of bolt to (and including) the last complete (full form) thread.