MASON Gravity Anchors

  • Light duty applications
  • Simple fixing to cavity walls and ceiling
  • Suitable for hollow-core concrete


Setting Procedures

Drill a hole of required diameter.

Insert anchor through drilled hole.

Tighten the nut.


Setting Parameters & Technical Data


Tensile Resistance


Shear Resistance

*The above data based on (Non-Cracked Concrete C20/25, = 25 N/mm2)

Actual on site testing may be required when the anchors are fasten into various hallow base materials.


Tensile Pullout Test Method

1) Place the loading frame over the anchor bolt to be tested.

2i) To test anchor bolts, connect the threaded rod coupler to the anchor bolt.

2ii) To test drop-in anchor, connect a high tensile threaded rod to the drop-in anchor.

3) Place the suitable hollow plunger cylinder on the loading frame.

4) Connect the hydraulic hand pump, pressure gauge and hose assembly to the cylinder.

5) Apply the load gradually to the required proof load (design load for non-destructive testing) or ultimate load (for destructive testing).

6) Observe the mode of failure.

7) Record the achieved load and mode of failure.