MASON Hammer Hit Anchors

  • Medium to heavy duty applications
  • Easy expansion without torque applying 
  • Expansion assured through hammering the hardened centre pin




Setting Procedures

Drill a hole of required diameter and depth.


Clean the drilled hole.


Drive anchor into the drilled hole.


Hammer the centre pin to expand the anchor.


Selection Chart


Setting Parameters


Basic Loading Data for Single Anchor in Concrete

  • Non-cracked concrete C20/25, = 25N/mm2
  • Correct setting
  • No spacing and edge distance influence


Tensile Resistance


Shear Resistance


Influence of Anchor Spacing,


Influence of Edge Distance,


Influence of anchoring spacing and edge distance for concrete edge resistance

Formula for single-anchor fastening influenced only by edge

For single anchor

Formula for two-anchor fastening valid for S<3c

General formula for n-anchor fastening (edge plus n-1 spacing) only valid where to are all < 3c and >1.5c

Note: It is assumed that only the row of anchors closed to the free concrete edge carries the centric shear load.

For 2 anchors