MIKADO Inserts

These are cast-in / precast inserts used for anchoring/ mounting fixtures to the concrete member of the structure. The fixtures include:

  • ceiling lights
  • mechanical and electrical fixtures and fittings
  • air conditioning facilities, water supply and sewerage systems
  • sprinkler systems and machinery

The inserts are installed on the plywood formwork, or on top of the metal deck of the composite slab prior to the casting of the concrete.

  • Provides outstanding tensile load resistance once the concrete is cured.
  • particularly useful for Post Tensioned Slab design where incorrect method with drilling or coring parts of the post tension slab may damage the structural integrity of the structural aspects of the concrete member.
  • considered to be a cost saving construction method when compared with the Post Installed Mechanical Expansion Anchor as it will reduce the manpower and time taken to drill the concrete structure and to install the anchor to the concrete structure.

MIKADO Inserts are designed for easy installation and provide great stability when concrete is poured onto the formwork/ metal deck. They also have outstanding tensile load resistance.