Stud Welding Thru-Deck

What is Welding thru-deck?

Welding thru-deck is a common practice in the composite slab design. The shear connectors (or shear studs) are welded by the drawn arc stud welding machine. As stated in the ISO 13918 standard, there are two types of ceramic ferrules, one for the direct welding (directly welding on the beam), and the other for thru-deck welding. No holes are required on the metal deck and there is no need to clean or finish the metal deck after the process.
Stud welding is an extremely quick fastening technique. To use stud welding on a large scale, users can speed up the process by using a heavy-duty NELSON Stud Welding Machine. With the training provided by the Fasten Technical Team, your workers can create up to eight stud welds per minute.

Stud Welding Power Source

When it comes to your power source, consult our Fasten Technical Department for the recommended fusing, primary wire size and primary wire length for the power source to be used. Inadequate primary power or incorrect wire size or length can contribute to a reduction in weld current when some rectifier type power sources are used. Inadequate power or fusing can also hamper the starting and output current for the generator.

It is essential to have the correct weld current to achieve a good weld for this application. When excessive cable lengths are used, our Fasten Technical Team will look into the reduction in weld currents and adjust the settings accordingly for our users. Without technical support, these factors may contribute to weld inconsistency or even weld failure. The amount of cable totally depends upon the power source being used. Out technical department will advise if there is a need to parallel cable when long runs are needed.