Fasten Extensive Range of Stair Nosings

Our extensive range of stair nosings and trims conform to design and slip resistance standards to deliver safe and attractive results. Suitable for stairs constructed with steel, concrete, carpet, stone or ceramic tiles, the product range includes features such as transition strips, LED lighting, light reflective and non-slip properties. Providing free technical service from design through to installation, Fasten Enterprises is committed to deliver the best functional and aesthetic results for your stairs, whether indoors or outdoors.

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NAKA Luminous Stair Nosing

Luminous – Hi-Step SLIM NAP50-CK

Luminous – Hi-Step SLIM CK


Luminous Stair Nosing – A50CK      


Luminous Stair Nosing – A50CK Black 


Luminous -Hi-Step LUMI         



NAKA Non-Luminous Stair Nosing

Stair Nosing – Hi Step Slim                          


Stair Nosing Hi-Step Tyreless           


NAKA Stair Nosing Hi-Step UD


Stair Nosing Hi-Step ART                        


Stair Nosing – Hi Step Slim – 50mm     


Stair Nosing for Steel Stairs