Supply and Installation of NAKA Anti Bacterial Hand Rail and Wall Guard for Nursing Home in Singapore

NAKA Lobby and Stairway Railings – Neowood, Vinilane, Grawood, Grahan: Neowood is railing of a new materials that surpasses the properties of wood while retaining its warmth. Top rail of ultrafine particle wood powder (wood powder) compound resin.
Vinilane is dual moulding with semihard resin eliminates sticky sensation. Wide colour variation.
Grawood and Grahan are superbly weather-resistant railing for outdoor use. One-tenth of the heat conductivity ratio of metals. Also reduces the coldness of the top rail in wintertime.
All of them use anti-mould and bacteria-resistant compound resin. The bacterial resistance lasts semi-permanently.

NAKA SafetyLine NS Wall Guard: Thinner Hard Plastic Stretcher Bearer which easy fit to wall. Employing shock-resistant hard plastic, it protect the wall from wheel chairs, stretchers or meal trollies, etc…The top railing contain anti bacterial it keeps the railing clean at all times.