Fasten Range of Tactile Indicators

Detectable warning surfaces in the705form of tactile surface ground indicators used at various locations in accordance with Design Guidelines for Persons with Visual Impairment.
This is one form of tactile indicators which, in essence, provides the blind or visually impaired a physical cue. It is detectable either under foot or by the use of a white cane. Tactile ground surface indicators are only one source, amongst many, of orientation information. Unlike some other tactile indicators which are basically generic in nature, tactile ground surface indicators have a specific function and impart specific information about the immediate surroundings.
Tactile ground surface indicators act as, and are interpreted as, landmarks. There are two types of tactile ground surface indicators:

(a) warning indicators

NAKA Tactile Indicator NDD1305                                                                            

NAKA Tactile Indicator NDD1114C


NAKA Tactile Indicator  – 300x300x7mm


(b) directional indicators.

NAKA Tactile Indicator NDT1305                                                                            

NAKA Tactile Indicator NDT5006A

NAKA Tactile Indicators installed in Various Projects in different types of base materials.